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A woman was struck by a pick-up truck on the Upper East Side and is in grave condition, police and witnesses said. “She was in front of the driver’s side and underneath the car. She was not conscious but I saw breathing,” said Lou Corbo, 56, a ...
Officials said four children in Memphis have been fatally stabbed and their mother has been taken into custody. Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman Earle Farrell said the stabbings occurred at an apartment complex Friday and deputies were at the scene.
Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. (CNN)A Taiwan warship mistakenly launched a supersonic "aircraft carrier killer" missile toward China Friday, hitting a fishing boat and killing the boat's captain in ...
Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Watch live coverage of what's going on in Bangladesh on CNNgo. Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN)A police operation at a cafe in the Bangladesh capital where gunmen took ...
The family of Hae Min Lee, the victim in the murder case investigated by the "Serial" podcast, reacted with frustration to Thursday's news that her accused killer has been granted a new trial. In a statement issued Friday morning through the Office of the ...
A schizophrenic Staten Island man and former star athlete was convicted Friday of brutally murdering his parents. A jury found Eric Bellucci, 36, guilty of killing his father Arthur, 61, and mother Marian, 56, in their home between Oct. 12 and Oct. 13, 2010.
LOS ANGELES — Beachgoers looking to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend are putting up with a whale of a stink. A dead humpback whale was stuck on a popular Los Angeles-area beach, with revelers urged to steer clear of the huge carcass. Small waves ...
A 17-year-old Tennessee walking horse owned by a family in Nashville, Tennessee, was found shot to death, "execution style," on their farm Tuesday morning. "She had a bullet hole right here in the temple, small hole, and we were devastated by that," owner ...
WASHINGTON — Partially lifting the secrecy that has cloaked one of the United States’s most contentious tactics for fighting terrorists, the Obama administration on Friday said that it believed that airstrikes it has conducted outside conventional war ...
Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged that an impromptu meeting this week with Bill Clinton that caused a political firestorm is not something she would do again. (July 1) AP Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday that she will accept the ...

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